Sunday Reading: The Power of the Unpronounceable

I view the eruprtion of Iceland’s volcano and the ensuing chaos as a metaphor for all things difficult this week. Here are a few of them:

Video of the Week: “Fiesta de Locos,” by Calle 13. Calle 13 was one of the many bands highlighted this past week at Coachella as part of the rising popularity of rap-rock bands that are as feisty as they are high-impact.


One thought on “Sunday Reading: The Power of the Unpronounceable

  1. Despite your, as usual, excellently constructed listing of ironic things from the week, I have to say that my personal catastrophe is not included (thus the comment):

    The week that I need to Skype-call British Airways to reschedule my flight in order to (ASAP!!) depart from my Siberian exile in late May, the line (or queue, rather) on the British Airways telephone service is invariably set at “212 minutes.”

    …right, because a volcano exploded in Iceland.

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