Let’s Try This Again…Student Co-Chair of Community Council Elections

Thursday is election day at Midd again, this time for the Student Co-Chair of Community Council (SCCOCC).

The Community Council is made up of students, faculty and staff. It serves as both a decision making and advising entity of the community that deals with all non-academic affairs, particularly housing. Each year, students elect one of their own to serve as co-chair of the Council, along with the Dean of the College.

Here are this year’s candidates for Co-Chair:
Raymond Queliz, ’11
Kevin Broussard, ’11
Janet Rodrigues, ’12

This year’s major issues are housing, tuition and study abroad. Check back here later this week for more information and don’t forget to vote this Thursday starting 5 PM.

(For more information on the Community Council, see their member list or the College Handbook.)