Summary: Nine short dance pieces coreographed by the students in Tiffany Rhynard’s DANC 361 course and performed by a gamut of student dancers.  Emphasis is placed on mixing live dance with video projects.  In the show’s notes, Rhynard herself says “this course is a beast.”

Good: Ambitious but accessible. // Innovative use of video projection: on the back wall, on people’s bodies, on a small “canvass” downstage. // Very diverse: each student choreographer has his or her own particular idea and vision.

Bad: These students are learning and experimenting with video; their ideas are fantastic, but sometimes simple things like lighting, editing, or image quality make the videos look messy. // A few of the short performances end with an abrupt cutoff of the music. I know the piece is over and I’m not supposed to care, but the effect is jarring.

Broad: The Dance department is underappreciated. You don’t have to be “educated” in dance to enjoy these shows — I would know. Also, many people think dance is always “serious.”  There are light, funny parts in this show.

Conclusion: If you have something important to do this weekend, put it off and see Double Vision.

ONE MORE PERFORMANCE: 8:00 tonight, CFA Dance Theater.  Get your tickets online, or buy them at the Box Office — it’s right across the hall from the venue.

This rapid-fire review is part of MiddBlog’s ongoing effort to cover every performance in Middlebury’s spring season.