Summary: England, 1924: two women, Persephone (Michaela Lieberman) and Dora (Martina Bonolis), share a cell in a “home for the criminally insane.”  I don’t want to give anything else away.

Good: Lieberman plays a debutante, Bonolis plays an ungraceful masculine woman, both play old age at points, and both use British accents — a huge acting challenge. But is it really a surprise they pull it off? // Three beautiful choreographed moments designed by Schuyler Beeman. // People in the audience left with tears in their eyes. Not an exaggeration.

Bad: Scenes alternate between two different settings, and I was never totally sure what one of them was. However, this isn’t really “bad”; disorientation helped draw actors and audience together, in a way. Definitely kept me attentive.

Broad: Good old-fashioned actor-driven show. Yet another example of what can be done in the Zoo with dedication and a good idea.

Conclusion: If you have something important to do this weekend, SKIP IT. See Airswimming.

ONE SHOW LEFT: Hepburn Zoo, TONIGHT at 8:00. Seats will be scarce, so get on the waiting list.


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