In a break from Middlebury coverage, I feel compelled to reflect on the three shocking revelations of the day.  They all come courtesy of this New York Times article:

The revelations:

1) Larry King has children of little league age.

2) Larry King’s show has lasted this long. He’s really not a good interviewer; he’s been cutting guests off with absurd non sequiturs for at least the past 15 years.

3) Larry King knows how to blog.


4 thoughts on “Revelations

  1. Take it easy there. This is major news for people all over America who have watched King conduct tens of thousands of interviews with great minds and major celebrities.

    You may not like his show or style, but to post this story with three mocking one-liners is kind of lame. You try carrying on a successful, respected talk show for 15 years. good luck.

  2. Ok. I’m going to take a leap into the black hole of anonymous internet commenting, and respond seriously to the first comment.

    Over the next few weeks (and hopefully not months), Larry King will be worshiped. He’ll be on the cover of People magazine, and you can expect TV specials. There will be an echo chamber of praise.

    Sorry, but I don’t see any reason to engage in the eulogizing nor do I feel sympathy for the tens of thousands of Americans who have watched him over the years (pity would be a more appropriate emotion).

    Aside from his age, the real reason Larry King’s stepping down is that his type of show is being replaced by the era of shock jocks (O’Reilly, Beck, Olbermann, etc). Just look at Larry King’s ratings this year if you have any doubt about this.

    The new wave of shock jocks sucks, but Larry King (and what he represents) won’t offer much to lament once they disappear. King’s show just isn’t good journalism. He’s made a career out of asking softball questions.

    Except there was this one time last year he took on one of our country’s “great minds” (to borrow a term from the commenter):

  3. ok.. that clip was hysterical. She should have just said something like, “a bird in the hand… “and he would have then sked about her plans for Thanksgiving. Problem solved.

    But my question is… does he still have a wife? I thought they were in midst of divorce. … gee, I cancel people magazine and all of a sudden I’m completely out of the loop!

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