Melt Those Icebergs!

Their tagline is: “Tax-paying artists. Talented citizens.” But that’s an understatement for this group of graduate Middkids who are 1 part multimedia artists, 1 part linguists, 1 part musicians, and 1 part world travelers. They call themselves the Melting Iceberg Collective. They are: George Mynatt (USA), Farhan Ahmed (Bangladesh), Luisa Covaria (Colombia), Louis Lobel (USA), Ioana Literat (Romania).

It’s hard to even describe the variety of stuff these UWC/Midd grads have done. So I leave it to their list of past projects:

Recorded music with a satar, a traditional Uigher instrument.

Documentary interviews for the Youth Leadership Summer Course (a UWC project):

Planet Forward featured video: