Vergennes Bakery Asks Community for Hearth

It costs $12,000 to make the double deck hearth based on Scandinavian-style masonry heaters. The oven will form the centerpiece of the Vergennes Laundry, a new business headed up by Middlebury graduate Julianne Jones. Located next to the well-known Black Sheep Bistro in Vergennes, the bakery and espresso bar will open in September.

The hoopla right now is that $12,000 oven is not yet built, and Julianne is asking for support to help get her there. She’s launched a Kickstarter project to help the community chip-in toward the goal of getting that oven. A $10 donation gets you a few postcard photos of the oven being built and a loaf of bread. Ten times the donation gets you dinner for you and a dozen friends at the “Laundry,” as they call it.

You might know Julianne from the Middlebury farmers’ market, where the distinctly french-styled pastries attract more attention than the hearty offerings of the Good Companion Bakery, also coincidentally in located in Vergennes. New this year to the farmers’ market is the rule that vendors must not have a retail storefront. That’s goodbye to previous market favorites like Cookie Love and the Samosa Man.

What’s curious about the fundraising project for the oven, though, is that it seems unlikely that Julianne will let the critical part of her bakery fail should the $12k goal not be met. Kickstarter is a program that is an all-or-nothing setup: either raise all $12,000 or get none of those donations. It’d be too bad if Julianne came up short and she only has given herself 24 more days to complete the campaign, leaving with not even the $900+ raised so far.

While Vergennes may not be directly on the Middkid map (really, it’s like 20-mins away from Middlebury by car), I still suggest helping out Julianne to make her awesome bakery a reality. What’s cool? The building progress so far.

EDIT: A tipster and market vendor wrote in to correct my misinformed notion about the Middlebury Farmers’ Market policy. A new rule this year does not allow for hot food to be served at the market because of competition with Marble Works businesses. Cookie Love no longer vends at the Market for other reasons.


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  1. Go Julianne! This is a great project and well worth supporting. She’s doing what she loves in a way that directly contributes to the community!

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