A Wedding Announcement and a 10-gallon milking can

A tipster wrote-in to MiddBlog pointing us to a wedding announcement in this weekend’s New York Times. Normally, Middkid weddings are of course special but common (perhaps a myth?) – a little Mead Chapel action and you’re set for life. But read this sampling on Lucas Andrew Farrell and Louisa Katherine Conrad:

The couple met in 2000 at Middlebury College, from which they graduated. Until last month, Ms. Conrad and Mr. Farrell were apprentice goat-cheese makers at Blue Ledge Farm in Salisbury, Vt. …The bride, 28, is keeping her name. She is an artist who specializes in photography and drawing. Her work has been shown at the Freies Museum in Berlin; Exit Art, a gallery in New York; and Anthony Greaney, a Boston gallery….The bridegroom, 29, is a poet. His manuscript “The Many Woods of Grief” won the 2010 Juniper Prize for Poetry.

Read the full article and you’ll find that the newlyweds will be moving to Brattleboro, Vt. where they will open a goat farm. The MiddBlog tipster sees it this way, “While I am on one level impressed and more than a little envious of the artist, award winning poetry writing, back to the land commitment of these two, you have got to admit that on some level it reads like a parody and is absolutely hysterical. I am so pleased to know they have already received the 10 gallon milking can, other wedding quests still have the tractor fund to contribute to.”


One thought on “A Wedding Announcement and a 10-gallon milking can

  1. This is a case of life imitating parody… makes you wonder if they were selected for the NYT precisely because they fulfilled the stereotype.
    No matter, this couple seem like two terrific and productive individuals, of whom Midd should be rightfully proud.

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