Rewriting Unofficial Orientation

Last year, MiddBlog offered “Unofficial Orientation,” a blog guide to incoming freshmen at Middlebury. That’s so two thousand nine.

This year, we need your help in revising, improving, and adding to this guide for the future of Middkids everywhere (or just the class of 2014). Topics so far include: Dining Guide, Midd Lingo, Social Houses, What to Pack, and Tourguiding Tales. What’s missing? What’s changed? Leave a comment or drop us a line at

Feelin’ really lucky? Got a tip earlier this summer that the Middlebury College wikipedia page also needs some work. Get on it. This post wouldn’t be complete without linking to the real orientation website (lots of informative info from Tamara and Ben) and the great 2014 facebook group (lots of questions being answered there).


4 thoughts on “Rewriting Unofficial Orientation

  1. I commented on packing, but you should also add something about “like a prayer” as a warning…

  2. i disagree. don’t add like a prayer. let them figure it out for themselves the first time just like the rest of us. much more memorable.

  3. Hmm, I’m thinking about adding a page about general advice. In this case, maybe I’ll add… learn the lyrics to these songs: don’t stop believing, livin on a prayer, etc.

  4. How about a section on how to make the most of LIS services: getting your laptop hooked up to the wireless network, nifty places to study in the library, etc. ?

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