Ahoy! Midd To Get $1.7 Million Research Vessel

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant of $1.7 million to Middlebury College that will provide funding for a new research vessel for use in science courses and student-faculty research on Lake Champlain. The new boat, which will be about 45 feet long and is currently unnamed, will arrive in Lake Champlain in the summer of 2012 when it will replace the R/V Baldwin, a 32-foot Maine lobster boat that Middlebury bought in 1985 and retrofitted for research and teaching. Pictured above is NOAA’s 48-foot research vessel, Auk, built by All American Marine (AAM) and considered the sister ship of the one AAM will begin building for Middlebury College in 2011.

Makes you want to take Oceanography or at least do research. The new boat will accommodate 18 students, the size of a lab section.

Midd Press Release / BFP


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  1. The real interesting story is where the boat will be until it arrives here. (storage in Canada?) and why (tax cost savings?). Sometimes simple things become complex…

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