Senior thesis carrels to be reserved on MidCat

After a tip a few weeks ago from a Davis Family Library circulation desk student employee and friend, I logged on to the library catalog and booked what I thought would be my senior thesis carrel for the fall and spring semesters. Boy, did I feel like I’d just worked the system!

Much to my dismay, I received an email earlier today from a Library and Information Services employee, half-accusing me of having “snuck in” (proper English?) to the system too early. He told me that my reservation had been canceled, and that seniors would be receiving more information regarding the new online process soon.

In years past, seniors wishing to obtain their ideal thesis desk, complete with locked book locker and name-plate, would line up as early as 5 a.m. on the morning that reservations began. This is understandable, since locations tucked away in eight-desk suites in the basement and mezzanine levels, among others, serve as a truly ideal place for seniors to write their often 100-page+ cumulative works.

Now, it seems that carrels will be booked via an online booking process. By conducting a MidCat search for “carrels”, you can see how users will be able to select their carrel location and time of use. Maps for each level/suite are included, too.

However, until you’ve received an email from LIS giving you the go-ahead, it looks like any reservation you make, like mine, will be deleted. And the covert MiddBlog operations go on…

UPDATE (Fri., Sep. 3, 3:11 p.m. EST): From LIS’ most recent email attachment sent to seniors…

Seniors who are currently enrolled in 500, 600, or 700 level thesis/project work are eligible for a thesis carrel. If you register for one of these classes AFTER Tuesday, September 7th, please stop by the Davis Family Library circulation desk to make sure you have been updated in our library system. NEW AND IMPROVED! You may sign up ONLINE for your thesis carrel starting at 7 am on Monday, September 13th. Instructions can be found here (go/bookacarrel). We have tested this new procedure and expect it to work. If for some reason it does not, we will communicate with you that Monday about an alternate plan. For a carrel at either the Music or Armstrong Library, please go directly to that circulation desk on Monday the 13th to reserve.


2 thoughts on “Senior thesis carrels to be reserved on MidCat

  1. Can’t wait!

    And alas, I stand corrected. For any other parties interested, from the New Oxford American Dictionary entry for “snuck”

    “USAGE The traditional standard past form of sneak is sneaked ( : she sneaked around the corner). An alternative past form, snuck ( : she snuck past me), arose in the U.S. in the 19th century. Until very recently, snuck was confined to U.S. dialect use and was regarded as nonstandard, but in the last few decades its use has spread, particularly in the U.S., where it is now generally regarded as a standard alternative to sneaked. In formal contexts, however, sneaked remains the preferred form.”

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