Unofficial end-of-summer checklist for language students & student workers

Language schools are wrapping up their 6, 7, or 9 weeks by this Friday, and MiddKid student workers are slowly trickling off campus, too. In light of these happenings, MiddBlog brings you a tribute to student researchers, summer workers, language schoolers, and important world events alike: The Unofficial End-of-Summer Middlebury Checklist.

  1. Complete your last papers and exams, or finish your last hours at work. Try not to flip out, despite the obvious stimuli. Your credo: Must. Get. Everything. Done.
  2. Break the language pledge at long last, and notice that you still experience an instinctual tinge of guilt when you speak English – language students and summer workers alike.
  3. Squeeze in a last, late afternoon Lake Dunmore trip (with obligatory detour through A&W on the way back).
  4. Say au revoir to language faculty from abroad who you might not see again.
  5. Arrange a carpool to Burlington, or book transportation to the airport with Middlebury Transit.
  6. Oh snap. Forgot your plane ticket? Consider JetBlue!
  7. Reconsider JetBlue.
  8. Realize that you want to stay to see NPR head Vivian Schiller (Russian M.A. ’85) speak at Language Schools commencement tomorrow, August 13.
  9. Since you do love NPR, rebook flights, carpools, etc., repeating steps 5-7.
  10. Turn in your room key, and bid farewell to Summerland, Vt.

To all those leaving Middlebury for the summer, MiddBlog wishes you safe travels. And really, try not to tick off your flight attendants…


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