Job openings at the language tables

Need a way to put your fresh language-school skills to use? Are you a multi-lingual first-year? Looking for a job?

Language tables head server “Xue” Xiaoxue Weng ‘10.5 is on her semi-annual hunt for students who speak languages who want to work as waiters and waitresses at the language tables this semester. At lunchtime on weekdays, students, professors, and TA’s gather for a meal in Atwater Dining Hall, agreeing to the language pledge for just the lunch hour.

The job entails signing up for (and fulfilling) a handful of two-hour weekday shifts. Each shift involves setting up the dining hall tables, serving lunch, and then busing tables. (You also get paid to eat your own meal beforehand.)

Russian- and Arabic-speakers are needed the most, but speakers of all languages — except Spanish — are always welcome. Preference is given to current waiters, to those who are available to work full 2-hour shifts, and generally to those who speak at the 200-level or above. If you don’t wind up receiving a weekly shift, however, you can ask to remain on the list; in my experience, conflicts come up, and servers are frequently looking for substitutes for coverage.

Go to the language table recruitment Google spreadsheet for more information and to submit an application.