Meet Mira, Class of 2015

From USAToday:

I decided to do a gap year shortly after I committed to Middlebury College. Since last summer, which I spent in Nicaragua, I had been contemplating taking time off. On top of that, Middlebury is significantly more expensive than a state school ($52,120 vs. $24,167), I promised my parents I would graduate in 3.5 years in order to lighten the financial load.

With my parent’s support I asked my admissions counselor if I could join the class of 2015 (instead of 2014). Surprisingly, I only signed a paper, agreeing to call if I chose to attend another college in the interim and wah-la! All of the colleges I applied to, including large universities and state schools, had a similar process and they encouraged my idea, guaranteeing that all financial and merit aid would be held for me.