Ian Burgin ’08 Dies in Crash

Ian Burgin ’08 died in a car crash last week. He was visiting family with his mother, sister, and girlfriend, Audrey Nelson ’08 when his vehicle was struck by a truck in St. Albans, Vt. He was 24.

This memorial blog post by a classmate of Burgin’s is a touching memory that describes Ian in College:

Despite our differences, I loved the person Ian was and I always enjoyed his company. He was a wonderful person, so genuinely good, and good to talk to. One of my favorite memories of him is a recurring one: breakfast in Atwater dining hall. Always mindful of health and fitness, he started every day with a balanced meal, which included hard-boiled eggs. He would carefully peel the shell, separate the white from the yolk, and, leaving the latter on his plate, eat the protein-rich and cholesterol-free egg white, without seasoning. I was appalled. How can you eat that without the yummy goodness of the fatty yolk…and no salt?, I asked him throughout our first year. It just didn’t seem worth it to me. Ian, however, was more concerned with the healthful benefits of the egg over its flavor.

In 2004, Middlebury College noted Burgin as one of several talented first-years:

Ian Burgin of Ashfield, Mass., has many talents but his passion is tinsmithing.  Burgin, who received training from one of the last tinsmiths of New England, owns his own business and sells his goods at craft fairs.  His specialty items are candlesticks that he constructs with handmade 19th-century tools.


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  1. Wish I had known Ian, he seems like he was a very bright and dedicated person who wanted to make an impact in the world. My prayers are for his family and girlfriend, may they heal quickly and and completely. I will never forget you Ian, you may have changed more lives in your passing than anyone realizes. Rest in Peace.

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