And we’re back! A new year at Midd… Blog…

It's fall again.

You’ve moved in – mostly. You’ve had a class or two – or maybe not. You’ve again discovered the pain of remembering that your craving for lemonade cannot be satisfied at Proctor or Ross at dinnertime – unless you squeeze all the juice from the lemon slices over by the tea fixings.

It doesn’t matter, in the end, how you’ve figured it out, but there is no doubting it: we’re back at Midd.

MiddBlog is ready for the new school year, too.

  • Big plans are in the works: a site redesign, a marked increase in post frequency, promo giveaways, and more.
  • We’ve brought on a great new crew of fresh writers: Abigail Borah, Oksana Cherezova, Cody Gohl, Olivia Noble, and Audrey Tolbert. You will be able to find their biographies on our Editorial Team page within the next few days, and hopefully will see their posts just as soon! And, we’re looking for even more writers. Email us if you’re interested.
  • As co-lead editors, George and Casey will now be leading the team of our veteran writers – Robert, Mackenzie, J.P., Michael, and our alumni contributors, Ryan and Emily.

We always welcome guest posts, tips, and announcement submissions. Just shoot an email over to

Add us to your RSS subscriptions and Twitter accounts and add us on Facebook if you haven’t already so that you never miss a beat. Stay tuned for the most important news and commentary on campus and lots more.

Good luck this year.

-George and Casey


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  1. I would be happy to write a guest blog–perhaps advice for graduating seniors on the value of social media in their job search. I work in social media at a publication in DC. Let me know!

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