Yes, she cans

In her latest blog post about her pastoral handwork, Middlebury alumna Jessie Raymond ’90 declares that “canning may be [her] new thing.”  Jessie blogs about the hobbies (and sense of humor) that distract her from cleaning her house in the Middlebury area. Her distractions are pretty darn close to my pipe-dream of an ideal lifestyle for when I’m all grown up and familial (insert telecommunication to that homestead utopia, and we’re all set). In addition to canning updates, her latest post features pigs, a cabinet paint job, some knitting and chickens turkeys:

From "What Housework?"

When she’s not blogging (and actually taking care of her household), Jessie writes a humor column for the Addison Independent (full disclosure: I worked for the paper this summer). Jessie’s column has won all-New England awards and I think Bill McKibben is right to say that it should be “syndicated around the country.”

In addition to being funny, Jessie’s reality-based life also, I think, offers some good food for thought, especially for us current Midd-kids. Check out one of her older essays about adjusting to (real) Vermont life from the perspective of a Midd alum:

As I have grown closer to [her native-Vermonter husband] Mark ’s family, I’ve come to understand that they tease me not because they resent me for being a flatlander [or an out-of-stater], but because they like me in spite of it; they know I can’t help it. And I have to admit that my lack of hands-on skills does make me poorly suited to many aspects of Vermont life. I was not raised in a world where I had to fend for myself. Yes, I went to college in Vermont. But that didn’t prepare me to live here.

But I think her farm indicates that she’s doing just fine at living here now:

From "What Housework?"


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  1. I am totally impressed by Jessie Raymond… where does she find time to do all this? She keeps pigs/ chickens/turkeys/vegetable patch, makes bread, knits, cans, etc., writes a blog and holds down a job as a newspaper columnist. She must be on speed!

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