Middlebury Moth Returns!

In a story about working at an industrial factory over the summer, former student and now head of the education department Gregg Humphrey told of how one night he emptied a full bag of cereal only to fill it back up entirely with Superballs, the toy he was assigned to put into each separate bag, to be packaged and sent away to St. Louis.

Tonight marked the return of the Middlebury Moth, a live podcast of sorts where students, faculty, and townspeople come together to tell stories.  The evening of storytelling, started by Will Bellaimey ‘10.5 and Bianca Giaver ‘11.5 12.5 and inspired by the nationally broadcasted “The Moth” radio show, found quite the following last year, crowding the Gamut room far beyond capacity each night. Not surprisingly, tonight was no different.  With a theme of “Summer,” it featured such campus characters as Max Kanter ‘10.5, Michaela Lieberman ‘10.5, and Ken Grinde ’11.  The moth gives the storytellers an opportunity to share their lives in a truly open forum with stories ranging from sentimental to hilarious. You can listen to all of the podcasts on iTunes under the name “Middlebury Moth,” or here.

Look out for the next Middlebury Moth, themed “SCHOOL” on October 7th at 10pm.  And be sure to get there early, the Gamut room crowds up fast!


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