Why Middlebury?

In the age of CommonApp and acceptance rates that mirror the economy (but express no chance of upswing), applying to ten colleges isn’t a form of insanity—it’s a peace of mind. But almost inevitably, by the time April arrives there’s going to be more than one school knocking at your door.

Yes, it’s cliché, but it’s bound to be asked: Why Middlebury?

Was it the financial aid package that came smiling, attached to your acceptance letter? The words and numbers of the be-all, end-all US News and World Report? How about the subjective grades of College Prowler? Maybe it was the communal “wisdom”

Dexter chose Midd after observing a sunset from Bi-Hall.

of the only website that a high school senior may visit more often than Facebook—College Confidential. Perhaps it was just the Middlebury name.

Apparently my fellow freshmen in Hadley Hall don’t agree. An aspiring dental student says Bi-Hall was the clincher, a reason potent enough to apply ED for. Another freshman from the Golden Coast “wanted to wear scarves and leggings in the winter.” More than a few potential Midd Kids forged their decisions after watching a YouTube video titled with the same, two rhyming words. For myself, it was this very website.

A Vancouverite hailing from a land of gargantuan public universities, MiddBlog introduced me not only to Middlebury, but also to the concept of a liberal arts college itself. No, this isn’t a most glorious act of sucking up. These are candid words—about as candid as the image MiddBlog’s own words painted of Middlebury for me ten months ago.

But I’m convinced that my story isn’t unique. And with almost 600 new students on campus, my quest is an obvious one: find these stories and broadcast them. On a weekly basis I hope to carry out this task, every Sunday revealing a freshman’s story and a distinctive answer to one question:  Why Middlebury?

Because really, it is these narratives that ink the “A” letter grade at College Prowler, ensure the US News ranking of number 4, and stretch the Middlebury name around the globe.


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