Baby Squirrel adopts Molly Kalter ‘13.5

While on a tour-guide training session nearby the CFA a baby squirrel started following Kalter. She and a friend bent down to see if it was ok, due to its persistent following of the group throughout the tour (intervals of which the squirrel waited for them as they walked inside buildings). The squirrel crawled up Kalter’s sweater and has since refused to return to the wild.
“Its treating us like trees,” said Kalter.

Credit: Bianca Giaever '12.5

Kalter tried to put him in gardens, trees, and fields to no avail. Public safety referred her to the number for the Game Warden with the State Police as well as the Humane Society, however neither were available.
“Now he’s sleeping and I don’t know what to do.” said Kalter.

do you?? The pair are currently on the Batell Beach side of Forrest (how ironic), surely there’s a squirrel specialist in this outdoorsy liberal arts college. If so, Kalter would appreciate aide.