‘Panthers eating Rabbits’ – Granola bar giveaway

If you have found yourself wandering around MiddExpress with the late night study munchies lately, you might have noticed a small display of swanky new granola bars right as you walk in. This summer, Middlebury Dining Services bought in to products from 18 Rabbits, a San Francisco-based granola and granola bar company.

The backstory. Walking across campus earlier this summer, I ran into 18 Rabbits founder and CEO Alison Bailey Vercruysse who was looking for the place she would be meeting with Dining Services – Hamlin Hall (a.k.a. the Bunker). I was treated to a sample of their “Cheeky Cherry Chocolate” granola bar: it had the right amount of snap, the right amount of chewy – sweet and salty at its best. Yum.

Middlebury’s Executive Chef Bo Cleveland says that although Dining Services likes the product, shipping costs have limited their use outside of auxiliary operations sales (i.e. MiddExpress). “I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to see them in the dining halls.” He confirms there are no plans to substitute or supplement our homegrown Granola Gang’s production with 18 Rabbits granola.

The company. Midd alum (Class of ’93) and 18 Rabbits board member Adam Greenburger Greenberger says, “I am especially proud of 18 Rabbits’ presence on campus! Great stuff – Panthers eating Rabbits!”

Adam came to the company after leading an exciting and varied post-grad life: NOLS and NGOs in East Africa, travel in Asia, grad school, and starting an investment firm.

Typical, right? A coincidence that a Midd grad ends up working for a granola company? Adam responds, “There is no doubt that Vermont influenced me.” He adds,

Even though 18 Rabbits is a West Coast company, it shares a lot of the same values and qualities that make VT such a great state, which in turn help make Middlebury such a great spot to spend 4 years.

18 Rabbits products include fun and funky granola varieties (“Veritas Granola” and “Gracious Granola”) and appropriately descriptive granola bar flavors (“Haute Diggity Date,” and “Nibble A Sultana,” among others), available for purchase online.

The contest. We’ve got a box of granola bars and an 18 Rabbits t-shirt to give away. Here’s what you have to do: in the spirit of loving all things Midd, we’re looking for the cleverest, funniest, most insightful tweet about Midd. Use links, use those innaGOpriate go/ links, use hashtags, use those 140 characters to characterize Middlebury as best you can. To enter, tweet it and tag your entry #Midd or email it to tips@midd-blog.com to make sure we see it. We’ll announce our favorites next Friday.

Results of last week’s promotion
Congratulations to Maddie Mailly ’14 for winning last Friday’s chocolate giveaway from Middlebury Chocolate. Here are the winning 17 syllables:

Decadent delight
Lifeblood flowing through my veins
Keeps me up at night.

Thanks to our other entrants, as well. Here are a couple of our favorites:

muffin top laughs, smiles
droops further over my jeans
last truffle– promise
-Sophie Clarke

First there is the snap
Then things go all melty and…
Smooth chocolate heaven
-Trish Dougherty

Salt scrapes my palate
Stubble marks  a spent corn field
Crows dark as chocolate
Trish Dougherty (“How many can I submit? Because haikus are like chocolates you can’t have just one”)

One day chocolate
Got married to mascarpone
-And I crashed it.
-Trish Dougherty

hot peppers, ginger,
caramel, mint, orange? no:
give me nude chocolate!
-JP Allen (…who knew he was ineligible to officially enter the contest as a MiddBlog writer)


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