Just as I did last semester, I’m going to try to review every theater and dance performance at the College as soon as possible after I see each show.


Summary: The season begins with something I always love to see: a non-Theater Department undertaking that does something different and professional. Granted, the “outsiders” in the Hepburn Zoo this weekend are an institution in their own right: Otter Nonsense, one of Midd’s two improv groups, takes the stage for two long-form improv performances, each about 40 minutes long. What’s unusual is that the second one is “a brand-new Shakespeare Play” complete with plot twists, disguises, and plenty of “doths” and “wilts”–and made up on the spot. In honor of the Otters’ effort to bring it back to the (15)90’s, I’ll write the rest of this review in my best imitation of Shakespearean language.

Good: The Otters labored ‘neath the tutelage of the English Faculty’s Dan Brayton, to know and love yet parody the tropes of Shakespeare’s age.  // Post-show, I required over ten minutes to repeat the tangled, twisted plot to my belovéd; O, the quick-witted retyings those Otters did procure to pull from their nether parts! // Let us not foget, ’twas funny.

At times in the fray, plotlines were left unsnared. //
And name me nitpicker, yet I must declare:
Ending words with “-éd”or  -“eth” does not period define.
There are simple rules for oldish speech, which younger Otters ought to mind.

Broad: Though groundlings were not allowed to enter–the show costs four ducats dollars–verily it’s worth the expense.  The money benefits the Zoo (I have word of the techies’ rejoice at new arrases curtains). Consider your ticket a charitable tithe.

My rating system. I am not loath to gird my reviews with stars, raised thumbs, or arbitrary numbers–such trappings ring hollow. Rather, I simplify my praise or blame in words that I, a MiddKid, grasp with ease.  “Will it fit into my busy weekend of travails?” you ask. In this and future reviews, I answer thus:

If you have something important to do this weekend,
-…do it, and see this show if you can;
…put it off and see this show;
-…skip it. SEE THIS SHOW.

Three more shows: on the morrow, 9:00 and 11:00; Saturday, 9:00.


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