Antonio Macia ’00 to Screen His Film ‘Holy Rollers’

Antonio Macia ’00 is screening his latest movie Holy Rollers in Dana Auditorium, September 30th at 7PM. The movie is the tale of a Hassidic Jewish kid in Crown Heights, Brooklyn who gets wrapped up in the Drug trafficking game. Think one part thought-provoking drama, one part action film. This is definitely Macia’s “breakthrough” film (he wrote it!), picking up play at Sundance. Hollywood should be knocking on Macia’s door to write serious action films (Holy Rollers is on “faith vs. blind faith”) that are more than just bang-bang and other fluff. The trailer for the film:

Macia is making a full visit of his trip to Middlebury. He’ll be around September 30th through October 2nd and is happy to chat with students. Below are his thoughts in talking with the team this summer. Judging by his brief thoughts on Middlebury, liberal arts, and study abroad, he will have lots of good advice to give students who are willing to ask… (use headphones for video below)