‘West coast represent…’ Friday giveaway: Johnnie-O

I’m from Arizona. There’s a lot less Vineyard Vines and JCrew there. As a result, I find myself dressing for two coasts between summer vacation in and around Arizona, and the rest of the seasons in Vermont. If you find yourself in a similar fashion identity crisis, or find yourself needing to diversify your RL polo, Lacoste alligator, and A&F moose logos on your polo shirts, here’s one solution.

Johnnie-O is one of the newer new men’s, women’s, and kids’ apparel line, started in 2004, that has met with relative success from L.A. to N.Y. and Chicago. Founder John O’Donnell tried to create a blend of regional styles he had been exposed to, “from the midwest farmer to the east coast prep to the west coast ‘dude.'”

The brand makes no claims to de-prepping classic prep, just slightly Westernizing it. Guys in Johnnie-O are definitely still dudes’-dude type of guys: “NFL quarterback Drew Brees, tennis legend Pete Sampras, baseball ace Barry Zito, as well as actors Adrian Grenier of “Entourage”, Luke Wilson, and [founder’s] brother, Chris O’Donnell.”

Free stuff here. MiddBlog has a college gift pack (hat, belt, etc.) to give away to the first person who sends the correct answer to the following trivia question to tips@midd-blog.com: In honor of Midd’s new roots in CaliforniaWhat are the names of the last two presidents to lead the Monterey Institute in California?

If you don’t find the answer in time, don’t worry: MiddKids are currently being offered a 15% discount for online purchases with discount code JKVMIDD on the checkout page. The holiday shopping season is just around the corner, so check it out.

UPDATE (10.2.10 9:51 a.m.)

MiddTwitterer @torenhardee takes the prize from the 18 Rabbits giveaway last week with his tweet, undeniably reflective of sentiments of MiddKids everywhere on campus about the Vermont climate:


This week’s winner is Sophie Clarke, who responded first with the correct names of the current and last two presidents of MIIS: Sunder Ramaswamy and Clara Yu. Congratulations to Toren and Sophie.