Honoring Professor Dry

Professor Dry back in the day

An all-campus email this morning announced the Political Philosophy and the Constitution Conference, which will take place on Oct 22nd and 23rd in honor of one of the stalwarts of Middlebury College, Professor Murray Dry.  Professor Dry has been at Middlebury College for 43 years. Over the course of his career, he has published, testified in Congress as a constitutional expert and, as his students and alumni can tell you, he’s motivated his students to do the best they can.  He’s also sincerely committed to teaching and helping students pursue their interests. Professor Dry’s name commands respect on this campus (and in the world of academia) for good reason.

In addition to the this conference, five of Professor Dry’s former students who have gone into academia are raising money to create a Professorship in his honor. From a recent email to alumni:

Establishing a Professorship in Political Philosophy at Middlebury in Murray’s honor—to be named for him at a later date when he retires—will create a permanent legacy for him here.  An endowment of $2.5 million is necessary to underwrite a professorship at Middlebury, and while we have already received roughly $900,000 in gifts and pledges, we have $1.6 million to go.

If you’re out in the real world and you feel so inclined, donate to the professorship here.  If you’re still a student at Middlebury College, take a class with Professor Dry. It’ll be worth it.