The Weekend Forecast!

The Sun is back! This has been quite the soggy fall so far. In month of September, nearly 5.00 inches of rain accumulated, 2.00 inches more than average. Be grateful for the sunny considering the days are shortening. Well,  I hope you all like the crisp cool weather that is typical of October. A blast of cool air is pushing in from the northwest, so for the rest of the evening into the overnight hours, expect some breezy conditions. Tonight, Thursday Night, I expect a low of 40 with clear skies. Friday we will see partly cloudy skies with a southerly wind pushing temperatures to almost 70, but then as we go into Friday evening, the winds will shift from south the north, and the temperature will plummet to the upper 30s. Higher elevations in Addison County will wake up to frost for sure Saturday morning. Saturday a strong wind from the north will keep things cool and sunny with a high in the mid 50s. If you like crisp fall weather, you will be pleased with Mother Nature on Saturday. Saturday night wear a coat! It will be clear with temperatures hovering just above freezing, 33-36. Sunday will be gorgeous with a high around 60 and clear skies. Then on Columbus Day, Monday, expect a high near 65 with sunny skies. We are certainly undergoing a shift in seasons, but whatever sun we get I’ll take. I think I am experiencing mild Seasonal Affective Disorder or ironically, SAD.

Blog Reader Adam Franco sent in some wonderful photos of his adventures in and around Middlebury. Thanks so much Adam! Again, email me with your photos of the changing seasons! These are the links to Adam’s photos.

268/365: Transition Time

269/365: Boulder Plunge

Texas Falls

267/365: Autumn's Bounty


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  1. What if instead of waking up to frost, we woke up to people singing at our windows!!!??!?!?!?! MAX wonderful column. So informative.

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