Pause for Sanity: A Nobel Manifesto

Liu Xiaobo

Chinese peace activist Liu Xiabo just won the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.  As this New York Times article explains, Liu is serving an 11-year jail sentence for using nonviolent means to advocate for human rights and civil freedom in China.

Lu has been politically active for years, but his signature two years ago of Charter 08, a pragmatic manifesto in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, seems to be the immediate cause for his recent imprisonment.  The wikipedia article on Charter 08 is worth a skim on a Friday afternoon, and Chinese and English versions are of the manifesto are also available online.

I’d love to hear if anyone has a perspective on the manifesto and the Nobel Prize announcement either from the perspective of political theory or contemporary China.  Granted the Chinese government has a pretty incredible spin machine, but isn’t this beyond what can be spun?  Or does the Nobel Prize not mean much in China?  Will this mean the Chinese government will become even more repressive?

If you want to comment but have a stake in not pissing off the Chinese government, feel free to use a pseudonym.  It may seem a little over the top to have to say this, but let’s remember, Lui has 10 more years of Chinese prison ahead of him.


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  2. he didnt deserve it, there were many more deserving candidates.tsvangirai, anyone? .another attempt to force western political ideas to developing countries

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