Man linked to Burlington murder charged with trespassing on Snow Bowl


The Free Press now reports that Vermont State police first investigated the break-in at the Snow Bowl after being tipped off by its area manager Peter Mackey.

Pazos was found hiding in a lift house, carrying a hatchet, replica handgun, two knives, and Maryland identification. The suspect admitted he had broken into the shed two days prior to escape a rainstorm (that Vermont weather gets to you), sleeping on a floor mattress.

Investigators also indicated that Pazos “was a boyfriend of one of Smith’s best friends 10 to 15 years ago, but had no information about a motive.”

Original Story:

The bail has been set at $1 million for the man linked to the Burlington murder of Kathleen Smith in her home earlier this month, reports the Burlington Free Press. According to police, 45-year-old Jose Pazos was discovered Saturday near Middlebury’s Snow Bowl, hiding under “debris and equipment” inside an outbuilding.

This followed pamphlets distributed in Middlebury last week warning residents to be alert, and reports of a large police presence on campus this past Friday. For the break-in at the Snow Bowl, Pazos is being charged with unlawful mischief, unlawful trespassing, and petty larceny. As a commenter noted, there are no other connections between the murder and the College.

No charges have yet been lodged for Pazos’ connection to Smith’s murder.

Smith was found dead by a co-worker in her Old North End residence on Oct. 18. Burlington police have posited that she was killed in an “violent encounter” between Oct. 14 and 16. In a statement, investigators noted that “preliminary information indicates a connection between this man and Kathleen Smith.”

More information will be released during a news conference at 2:15PM today.

(via Burlington Free Press; image via WCAX)


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  1. By “outhouse,” the post’s author means “outbuilding.”

    Fortunately, beyond this transient being found after a few days at the Snow Bowl, this tragic incident does not involve the College.

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