Wild Weather We’re Having!

I’ve been absent from blogging, but I am back to give you the scoop Midd’s weather. I hope everyone’s breaks were relaxing and necessary. Please send me photos of your adventures over break to @mkanter, I’ll post them on the blog.

I’ve heard many complaints the weather recently. Since we are well into the fall season, it can be expected to see snow flurries like we did last week! I predict we won’t see snow for several more days, but the white stuff will be arriving before we know it. Tuesday the southerly wind will bring warm moist air into the Champlain Valley, expect clouds and a high temperature of near 70 degrees. Tuesday night it’ll stay relatively warm with a low of around 60, but the clouds will increase and the raindrops will fall. A rumble of thunder or two may occur well into the night and into the early morning hours. Wednesday unfortunately the rain will linger, with a thunderstorm or two before lunchtime and high temperature of 68. Wednesday Night, the southerly wind will persist, so expect lows to remain above average, around 50, but we’ll see partial clearing. Thursday expect a typical fall day with partly cloudy skies, gusty winds, and a high around 58. Later in the week I will give you your HALLOWEEN forecast! Check out these weather photos from our friends out west :).



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  1. Thanks for sending me the link to your blog posts! It’s good to know you weren’t making it up.


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