Party (Like You Were Born in 1989)

Update: All seniors are now invited to the 200 Days party. Thanks to the Senior Committee and catering for making it work!

The Senior Committee has sent out invites for its first event, the 200 Days party, to all seniors, senior Febs, and super-senior Febs – i.e., students graduating anytime between the coming February and February 2011 – except, as you may have heard, those 47 unlucky kids who haven’t turned 21 yet. Several questions (with the potential for real answers!) arise:

1. In their email to the uninvited minors, they state that this party will be 21+ “as it has been in past years (e.g. 2006, 2007).” This seems to indicate that in the past two years, they managed to figure out how to include all actual seniors. Why the change from the most recent practice?

2. Pub Night at the Grille, Homecoming, and various other events and parties seem to find it manageable to police underage drinking with the use of wristbands, stamps, beer garden-esque enclosures, etc. Why is this not possible for the 200 Days party? Surely the cost and/or logistics – I assume the numbers are higher – can’t be that prohibiting.

3. And finally: even if the logistics  for an all-inclusive party are close to impossible, making a senior party 21+ only implies that the entire purpose of the senior party is to drink alcohol. While this may well be the case, let’s at least pretend it isn’t. The point of senior parties is so that the graduating class can commemorate their four years at Middlebury, celebrate the relationships they’ve formed, and have a last few memorable events together before they enter the Real World, where there are no parties (probably), but plenty of oppressive committees.


2 thoughts on “Party (Like You Were Born in 1989)

  1. An Update: The Senior Committee just sent an email to under-aged seniors inviting us to the event, which is awesome. They clearly worked really hard on it, and catering came up with “creative solutions” in order to accommodate everyone! Thanks for the post, it definitely helped raise the issue, and even more thanks to the Senior Committee and college catering for coming up with a way to invite the senior class in its entirety.

  2. Yes, I can confirm that the past several years have found a way to include underage seniors but from what I remember (I might be wrong), far less than 47 seniors were under 21. It is a tricky situation as Maggie points out above.

    I am particularly interested in how seniors make the jump to young alumni. If the somewhat secondary purpose of all the senior events is to (to put it bluntly) strengthen the connection with Middlebury so that alumni give to the College later in life, then I think something’s not working:

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