‘Picking up Butch’ On ESPN Tuesday Night

Click on this image for a short preview of the segment

ESPN’s show E:60 will run a segment on the 50th anniversary of the tradition of bringing Butch Varno, a local man with cerebral palsy, to basketball and football games. Basketball players give him a ride to football games and football players perform the opposite favor.

Middlebury’s best sports fan has also earned recognition in various other media outlets, including Sports Illustrated (during that magazine’s best days, if I may say so myself).

Tune in to ESPN at 7 p.m. Tuesday night to watch the segment.

Update: You can watch the segment in its entirety here, and let me say these 12 minutes are absolutely worth your time.


5 thoughts on “‘Picking up Butch’ On ESPN Tuesday Night

  1. Bravo. It was truly great. What amazes and inspires me most is that one act of kindness towards another so many years ago on a snowy late afternoon has evolved into a tradition lasting 50 years. Can you imagine how humbling that must be? Butch might like coming to the games, but what he has done for five decades of Middlebury students is simply wonderful.

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