Middlebury Unlocked

In the first episode of our new series, Middlebury Unlocked, myself and fellow Middblog writers Mackenzie and Cody will take you on and adventure of the secret spots of Middlebury’s campus.

This episode features the Cupola of Old Chapel and the Trustee’s board room, among other secret or hard to reach spots on campus.

Stay tuned for more episodes!


5 thoughts on “Middlebury Unlocked

  1. Brilliant! I recommend talking with George Matthew, the College Carilloner, about Mead’s Steeple. He loves showing it off! community.middlebury.edu/~gmatthew/

    I’d also like to see the Secret Warehouse on the sixth floor of Bi Hall. When viewed through the southern stairwell door, it reminds me of the warehouse from Indiana Jones!

    Apparently the basement of Voter has quite a history too…

  2. go into the dining hall kitchens! everyone spends so much time in the dining halls but few students ever see where all the food is really made

  3. How about the Munroe mausoleum in the cemetery next door? (I love your video, but please stop beginning every sentence with “So…”).

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