Trains in Vermont?

Alison Redlich, for the Free Press

The long awaited improvements to the Vermont Rail system began yesterday following a kick-off ceremony in St. Albans. Thanks to $50 million of federal stimulus money, the project will improve tracks between St. Albans and Vernon. The construction is expected to take two years and will result in more efficient rail service. The project however still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of rail service in the Northeast. Grant applications for service from Burlington to New York City, and an application for service here in Middlebury were denied. Politicians, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Peter Welch, and outgoing Gov. Jim Douglas have all expressed excitement for the project and also hope for its future. “We have a long, long way to go. This is a beginning, not an end,” Sanders said. So while us Middkids can’t get too excited about train rides home to New York or even Boston just yet, maybe by the time our 5th year reunions roll around we’ll be able to hop on a train to good ol’ Middlebury.

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One thought on “Trains in Vermont?

  1. Middlebury isn’t too far from Amtrak trains at Castleton or Port Henry NY. You can pick up the Amtrak trains there now and get to New York.

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