….And the reviews just keep comin’.  There’s a lot going on this weekend.  Here’s #2 of 3. (The ISO Show, which I won’t have a chance to review, deserves mention — it was a fun time.)

Alexandra Vasquez '12, one of this weekend's performers

Summary: The fall Dance Dept. concert, centered around work done in the Place of Dance course.  The evening includes a short piece by younger MiddKids, a number of independent pieces choreographed by students, and the senior thesis work of Sonia Hsieh (10.5′). Runs about 1:30.

Good: Probably the most consistent quality I’ve seen at a Dance show here: every piece held up well. // Cat Miller (’11) stood out, dancing in three pieces, one of which she choreographed and one of which she co-choreographed with the also fantastic Sarah Chapin (’12). Miller was powerful and eye-catching, and she made everything she did clear enough for a dance-ignorant person like me to get it. // Hsieh’s piece — the final one — tied the “place” theme together: an intriguing mix of modern dance and super-symbolic Asian gesturing and posing.

Bad: Hsieh’s piece made great use of a big L-shaped set piece; it made me want to see more set and props. But maybe that’s just me being a theater guy. // The only inconsistent thing between the pieces was audio editing: some were seamless, but others had some muddy transitions between musical elements.

Broad: I was happy to see the CFA full of people. Especially with so much else happening this weekend, I was glad dance was getting attention at Middlebury.  There are a lot of stellar, hard-working dancers here.

Contextual Rating: If you have something important to do this weekend,
…do it, and see this show if you can.
…put it off and see this show.
…skip it. SEE THIS SHOW.

The Place of Dance at the CFA dance theater (downstairs). ONE SHOW LEFT: Saturday at 8:00.