Citation Nation

The teaser for campus improv group Otter Nonsense’s new web series Public Safety was previewed at their final show this semester. The series will be filming this J-term, with a new episode posted on the Public Safety Log each Friday in January:

It looks hilarious, a mix between Reno 911 and the Office, also quite offensive, so though I won’t be on campus this J-term I look forward to hearing about the scandals it provokes. Good luck, and of course, stay safe.


3 thoughts on “Citation Nation

  1. Hey, I’ve got a good Public Safety story. So, I was at Language Schools as an alum and I was looking in some windows, supposedly. No, actually what I was trying to do was initiate conversation ‘en francais’. Apparently, this didn’t go over too well and the French students called Public Safety. Well, the story ran as follows: apparently, I had been looking in the windows at two, count it, TWO different times of the day. Public Safety wanted to know why, so I told ’em: ” I was looking for Calypso! ” They checked to make sure that Calypso had indeed been a student at Middlebury College. Then, to my surprise, they let me go.. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Peace, B.

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