Christmas List: Radical(s)!

In our last Christmas Lists post, we showed you some fun surprises in Midd’s GO directories.  This time, we’ll look at a few downright revolutionary sites in the MiddleVerse.

  • The Gadfly
    Is Middlebury not the politically risky milieu you expected to find in college? Do you feel skeptical of what The Administration (academic, local, state, national, global) tells you? Need a dose of anarchism?  The Gadfly is here for you.  This independent newspaper and blog takes its name from a famous quote attributed to Socrates and sees itself as a force that is “independent yet unswallowed [sic] by the political or institutional motives of Middlebury College and its dancing bear, The Campus.” Oh SNAP! Someone just brought it. They didn’t mention MiddBlog, probably just because they’ve never heard of us.
  • go/fags
    This site, also known as Pansies & Pinwheels, explains itself concisely: “Pansies & Pinwheels is your un/friendly local group of … rebel queers.” P&P urges visitors: “Embrace your inner sissy. Label yourself a target of queerphobic violence. Give them one more thing to stare at.” So far there’s not much more to the site than that, plus a list of “targets” including transphobia, heterosexism and (all-caps) IGNORANCE.
  • go/sex
    A grassroots, anonymous sex-advice column by two Midd students.  A pretty cool idea. I gotta say, though, it might be tough to build up credibility: if we don’t know who’s giving us advice, how do we know the advice is good? Authors Sam and Ivan (whoever they are), may face some tough competition from our next radical site:
  • Middlebury Confessional
    OK, so maybe the “radical” label doesn’t apply to this one, since major topics of discussion include the best places to have sex on campus and who has the nicest ass.  However, Middfesh’s previous run did cause enough of a stir to provoke serious administration responses and a couple Campus and MiddBlog items.  So far, the new Middfesh has been more civil and constructive in tone than the previous version.  Maybe it’s the friendly pink layout.
  • Matt Dickinson’s Presidential Power blog
    This one’s actually the opposite of radical: PoliSci professor Dickinson offers “a nonpartisan analysis of presidential politics,” writing lucid posts on how Americans think about, view and elect Presidents.

Unfortunately, perhaps the most threatening thing about some of these sites is their precarious lack of content.  Of all of them, Presidential Power updates most frequently. It’s hard to be a revolutionary during finals week. And even harder afterwards, with Charlie Brown and Muppets marathons on TV.

Let us know in comments if we’ve neglected any radical rabblerousers who deserve inclusion in this list.


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  1. Thanks for go/fags shout-out, JP! We apologize for the lack of content; it is indeed work that prevents us from putting up more. However, our Pansifesto is coming along all right, and hopefully you’ll see quite a bit more on- and offline activity from us come spring term (if not J-Term)!

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