Christmas List: every day is Black Friday

I’ll begin this Christmas List with a story an old friend once told me:

“When I was little, I wanted a pony. But I didn’t get one. The moral of the story is: you can’t always get what you want.”

Maybe you’re feeling the same way. If so, here are a few sites where you can spend your holiday cash exactly how you want to.

One of this year's hot toys, the Justin Bieber Singing Doll. (Couldn't they have put the "try me" button somewhere else?) – One random item for sale, cheap. A different item every day. (Actually, more than that if you count the other Woot community sites.) – A head-spinning array of coupons, sales and discounts aggregated from all over. Everything from electronics to clothes to food. (BTW, “where every day is Black Friday” is their slogan.)

Gilt Groupe – The place to find all clothes you really wanted.  Heavy markdowns on designer swag (and furniture and vacations… anything pretentious).  Each sale has a timer, so you have to buy before the window runs out, and before other users grab items.  One problem: even on sale, most of Gilt is WAY out of college-student price ranges.  Every once in a while, though, there are finds. You have to be “invited” to join the site, which actually just means giving them your email address and waiting 24 hours. – It’s the barter system!  On the Internet!  Haven’t tried this one yet, but it could be exciting, especially after the holidays, when people are unloading White Elephants.

But even if you can’t find that last wishlist item on any of these sites, at least you’ll have some company among the many people who share the fate of not getting what they wanted.