From the editors: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

How was your year? Your decade? Maybe you don’t want to answer that. But we do! We thought we’d give you some important moments (good or bad, personal or global) from 2010, and some predictions for 2011. One of each kind of tidbit from (almost) every MiddBlog editor.

Significant moments of 2010

  • Casey Mahoney: Getting back to the U.S. from study abroad and realizing that a lot more people had Web access on their phones than when I’d left a year earlier. Now it seems a rarity that you could be in a group of people, need to Google, Wikipedia, or Mapquest something, and not be able to do it from your phone or someone else’s.
  • Cody Gohl: Hearing the news that the Texas Legislature passed laws calling for textbooks to become more conservative (focusing on creationism, leaving out viewpoints of minority groups, etc.). Because Texas is the largest consumer of textbooks, this would cause textbooks all around the country to change their information, tainting the minds of future students with a very heavy conservative bias. It may not seem like a huge deal, but it amazes me how a single state’s government can change education for millions of children.
  • Audrey Tolbert: Toss up between doing the wave with over 200,000 people at the Rally to Restore Sanity in DC or watching the sunrise over Lake Dunmore this summer during a morning open water swim.
  • Ryan Kellett: Watching a good chunk of Vt. Senator Bernie Sanders’s pseudo-filibuster/long speech.
  • Keely Levins: Getting home for a day before leaving for spring break and going on a hike with my little sister. By the top, we were doubled over with laughter, trekking through 3 feet of unexpected snow in our shorts and t shirts. despite everything that is happening around the globe, it was nice to know that moments of simplistic joy can always exist.
  • Robert LaMoy: Watching Landon Donovan come out of nowhere in stoppage time to propel the US over Algeria and out of the group stage of the FIFA World Cup.
  • Luke Whelan: Facebook putting a cherry on top of its internet revolution by surpassing Google as the most visited website in the U.S.
  • JP Allen: The repeal of DADT.  I spent Christmas with an uncle who’s a former Navy captain. He loved his career, but he had to retire as soon as he possibly could: if anyone found out he was gay, he would have been fired. Good to know people won’t have to make that choice in the future.

Predictions for 2011

  • Casey Mahoney: Iran, the Euro, or US-China fiscal relations will collapse or go through significant change for the worse.
  • Cody Gohl: Sarah Palin’s new reality TV show about Alaska will get canceled and she will retreat to the icy tundras of her native homeland never to be heard of again.
  • Audrey Tolbert: AT&T will lose a large amount of their customers once the iPhone is released to Verizon.
  • Ryan Kellett: Middlebury or some enterprising student will come out with a smartphone app for the College. [Note from JP: it’s already happening. Ian Thomas ’13 is using the Old Stone Mill to work on apps, including an iPad version of the card game ERS.]
  • Keely Levins: the last Harry Potter movie will put Twilight to shame once and for all.
  • Robert LaMoy: Brett Favre will finally retire.
  • Simran Bhalla: More Wikileaks, with more substance. Julian Assange is convicted but Roman Polanksi is still a “free” man, and God of Carnage [movie version] opens to fabulous reviews.
  • Luke Whelan: Cee Lo Green and Lady Gaga team up to release the catchiest song ever made. Its music video will quickly become the most viewed video on Youtube.
  • JP Allen: No matter what I think of, something more strange will happen.

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