Poetry Slam Champions to Perform at Midd

What: Four internationally renowned
spoken word poets come together to perform a fusion of slam poetry, music, dancing, and improv touring under the name the Night Kite Revival. This performance is sure to entertain and move even those who are not poetry-inclined.
: Thursday, January 6th, 8-10:30pm
: McCullough Social Space

The Poets:
Anis Mojgani has won the National Individual Poetry Slam Championship twice, has appeared on NPR and has performed with poets such as Billy Collins
Derrick Brown has opened for bands such as the Flaming Lips and the Cold War Kids and has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.
Taylor Mali (special guest to the tour) has won the National Poetry Slam Championship four times and has performed with poets such as Billy Collins and Allen Ginsburg.
Buddy Wakefield
has won the individual World Poetry Slam Championship two times, has gone on tour with Ani DiFranco, and has been featured on NPR and the BBC.

Also: The following Middlebury spoken word artists will open the show: Dane Verret ’12, Fifelo Aganga ’13, Catarina Campbell ’11, Anna Gallagher ’12, Isabella Tudisco ‘13.5, Timothy Garcia ’14, JP Allen ’11.

Tickets: On sale now at the Box Office (tickets are $3)

Taylor Mali, one of the spoken word poets who will be performing on Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Poetry Slam Champions to Perform at Midd

  1. I’m soo glad to see this event listed on Middblog!!! Everyone, please com out and see this amazing event!!! We’ve been working on putting it together fro so long and it has finally happened and we would love o see you all there. tickets are $3

  2. Fantastic show!! I just got back. Exceptional in every way: really varied performances with tons of talent, didn’t know what was going to happen next, some real insight inside all the crazyness, lots of humor… And the audience was so pumped. Almost three hours of performance and hardly anyone left.

    And I got to read a poem and it was so fun!!

    Congrats, Barbara, and everyone else who organized it!

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