THE HUNT is back!

Where will The Hunt take you?

After a brief hiatus last J-term, The Hunt has returned to Middlebury! The Hunt, a campus-wide scavenger hunt is being run this year by Ben Wessel and Taryn Tilton. Teams of 10 or less will compete from Jan. 11 – Jan. 15th to see who can best respond to obscure questions, challenges, and projects around Middlebury.

Past questions/challenges from 2009 included:

  • Who on this campus has a future being a hand model for QVC?
  • Thread the needle! Provide a video of a paper airplane flying through the window below the clock in BiHall.
  • Arrange the Great Hall of BiHall to display a message to those on the floors above.
  • Bob Barr the libertarian, Babar the elephant. Whatever. Meld the two together in the best children’s book on colonialism.

With questions picked to try to bring different aspects of the Middlebury community together and highlight people’s strengths, this year promises to be just as crazy and quirky as the first two. To find out more and register your team, visit go/thehunt.

Oh and did we mention there’s a $1000 grand prize?