First episode of Otters series ‘Public Safety’ released

Yesterday, campus comedy troupe Otters Nonsense released the first full-length installment of their new online show, “Public Safety,” as promised back in December. You can watch the episode below or on the show’s blog, where the troupe is also seeking donations.

My first impression is that the production quality of the show is first-rate. A solid plot line, interview asides with characters, and the amusing but maybe overly frequent glances at the camera, (taking directly from NBC’s “The Office“) gave me cause to laugh out loud a few times and held my attention for the duration of the episode.

It’s another venture away from the Otters’ typical repertoire of short-form improv, following their long-form show in Hepburn this past fall, but it’s a departure worth continued efforts.

Overall, a quarter of an hour procrastinating from my thesis well-spent. Leave a comment below and let the Otters know what you think.

Also (update 01.08.2011 4:50 p.m.): The Otters 20th anniversary show is tonight at 8:00 p.m. in Johnson. I’ve spotted legend alumni Xander Manshel ’09 and Adam Levine ’09 on campus, both expected to appear with a cast of twenty tonight.


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