Dull edges? go/skitune at your service

If today’s snowstorm has got you psyched for skiing or snowboarding for tomorrow or the rest of the week, you may want to make sure you’re going out with the right gear.

Photo by Daisy Zhou, The Middlebury Campus

Midd’s resident ski guy, Tom Crocker ‘11.5, has got you covered. You’ve probably noticed his 8.5″ x 11″ signs around campus the past few months with some snowflakes on them with weblinks to go/skitune or go/skituning.

“Most people don’t realize that we are a door-to-door service. We will pick your skis or snowboard up tune it all up then have it back to you…within 2 to 48 hours,” Crocker says. The online order form is short, and with such a quick turnaround time, students (and faculty and staff, too) are able to get their skis ready for the mountain without delay.

He says business has been great, and is considering hiring another student or two to help. Publicity from the business’ Facebook page, ads on Facebook, and a December article in The Campus, Crocker adds, “I think my customers are also helping out a fair amount; it’s such an easy and convenient process that I think people are rather impressed with the fast turn around time and the quality of work done to their skis and snowboards that they are telling their friends about it.”

Middlebury Ski Tune got its start in Old Stone Mill, where the tuning workshop is located. Crocker says that it’s definitely been a source of “entrepreneurial support.” He saw the need for a more convenient and consistent tune-up service for the Middlebury campus, and once he got it started, he says, “It was a fun way to escape the busy schedule of Middlebury and get a quick taste of the real world.”

Not sure if you need a tune-up? Crocker’s advice:

If you are trying to figure out whether you need to get your skis tuned, ask yourself the following questions. Have my skis/snowboard been tuned since the beginning of the season? Have I tuned my skis/snowboard within the last 3-5 times that I’ve gone skiing/snowboarding? Have I ever had my skis/snowboard tuned? Do my skis/snowboard feel fast or like they are holding an edge on icy snow? If you answered no to any of those questions, you should get you skis/snowboard tuned.


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