All Winter Sports Teams’ Seasons Have Begun

Hockey, Track, Squash, Basketball, and Swimming have all been competing for some time now.  This weekend, the nordic and alpine ski teams competed in their first carnival of the season, making it so all Middlebury  Winter Athletic Teams are in the midst of their competition seasons.  Seeing as I am on the nordic ski team, it feels kind of shameless to write about the races this weekend… but the men’s alpine team skied impressively well, so I think you should hear about it.

The first day of competition for the alpine teams was Giant Slalom.  After the two runs had been completed, the Panthers had packed five racers into the top 15.  Even UMV, who eventually won the carnival, only had four of their skiers in the top 15.  First year racer Rob Cone lead the team with a 3rd place finish – not bad for his first carnival.

Sophomore Bryan Shpall. (Re-blogged from

Bryan Shpall and Jake Lund also found themselves in the top ten at the end of the day.  Although the men came in second to UVM that day, their  showing proved that even though Middlebury is a D3 school, we can hold our own against D1 powerhouses like UVM, Dartmouth, and UNH.  The winter holds five more carnivals for the ski teams, so keep your eye out for some fast racing in the near future.

–For those of you that don’t know how the scoring works for skiing (don’t feel bad, I still have no idea how volleyball works) it’s an odd mix of individual and team inputs.  Six female and six male skiers from both alpine and nordic teams (so 24 athletes total for each college) are sent out each race.  Then, each racer gets points for what individual place they come in.  The top three finishers for both men and women on each team are counted- the team with the most points wins.  This format makes it so that not only  both genders depend on each other’s results, both teams (alpine and nordic) rely on the other’s performances. —