This lil guy became participants' worst enemy this past weekend.

Summary: Student authors write short plays from 8pm to 8am; actors and directors stage and tech from 8am to 8pm the following day. Then an audience go to the Zoo to watch it.

Good: The most consistently good batch of 24-hour plays in my four years seeing this event: surprisingly good memorization, writing & tech. // Austin Davis, a non-Theater major, wrote a HILARIOUS film-noir spoof. // Kudos to Noah Mease for taking the plunge and writing something more serious and challenging for the audience. // I loved how the 24HPF brought in talented people from outside the Theater department. // Good job to the MiddBloggers in the show: Abigail, Cody, Casey and Cailey!

Bad: What was going on in the last play, “Fun in the Sun”? The actors and director were troopers, but the writing was truly inappropriate. (I won’t get specific, but there was a lot really strange potentially racist stuff going on.) I kept waiting for a line that would redeem or lampoon the sketch’s offensiveness, but it never happened. I can’t rule out the possibility that I missed something, but whether I did or not, more than a few other people in the audience had the same reaction.

Broad: The 24HPF is an awesome idea, and perfect for J-term. There’s always one or two flops, and when people have tiny amounts of time, they go for easy laughs. Eager to hear some opinions on the floppier aspects in comments.

Contextual Rating: It’s already over, so I’m not gonna rate it. But go next year!


One thought on “Arts Runoff: THE 24-HOUR PLAY FESTIVAL

  1. Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought the pepperpots (sunbathing “ladies”) were excellent, but the ritual bit was, ahem. An unfortunate choice. All the genders were switched, if the weird racial bit had been turned on it’s head it might have worked. Even so, it definitely felt like a weird moment of the 1950s. Even sleep deprivedness isn’t an excuse for that.

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