What is H.I.P.?

Almost four decades ago, Tower of Power pondered what exactly it meant to be hip. To be seen in all the right places? Seen with just the right faces? Unfortunately, Tower of Power has yet to answer the question—their most famous song still ends with the line: “I wanna know what hipness is.”

But hipness, according to some Midd Kids, is to be informed. And apparently you do have to be in the right place, seen with the right faces.

Described as a “crash course in current events,” Be H.I.P. will take place this Sunday in the Gamut Room (Gifford Lounge) from 2:00pm – 6:00pm. The afternoon will entail seven 30-minute talks by current Middlebury students:

2:00 Arrival and Opening
2:10-2:40 Climate Change with Rhiya Trivedi
2:45-3:15 Tibet and China with RD Jenkinson
3:20-3:50 The Politics of Gender and Sexuality with Bronwyn Oatley and Chelsea Guster
4:00-4:30 Education in America with Jeff Garofano
4:35-5:05 Microfinance with Lizzie Faust
5:10-5:40 Israel and Palestine with Mori Rothman
5:45-6:15 Global Health with Hannah Judge and Amalia Kane

So, in the words of Tower of Power, “If you’re really hip, the question is, will you show?”