VT catches McD’s for maple infraction

According to an Associated Press article on Thursday, the state of Vermont has settled with the McDonald’s Corporation, whose “Fruit and Maple Oatmeal” dish has been found to be in violation of the state’s maple laws.

Since the product as-is does not actually contain maple (just an extract from “the bark of a bush that is a distant relative of the maple tree,” according to Gov. Peter Shumlin), McDonald’s should not have marketed it as “maple,” at least not in Vermont.

So starting Feb. 1, customers at Vermont McDonald’s stores can request 100 percent maple syrup or sugar to be added to the [oatmeal]. […]

“The word ‘maple’ has a very specific meaning to Vermonters,” said state Agriculture Secretary Chuck Ross. “Vermont maple products are renowned not only for their flavor, but for their quality.”

Bottom line: The great state of Vermont will not apologize for its cheese, or for its maple products (see 8:27 in video below if you’re not catching the reference).