This Week’s Reason to Party

J-Term is officially over. It’s bittersweet, though the freedom of Feb Break takes the edge off the pain of bidding farewell to once-a-day classes, awesome workshops, and shredding the Snow Bowl.

If you’re feeling a little down, don’t worry! Celebrate THIS:


Bubble wrap was invented in 1957 when Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes glued shower curtains together to sell as wallpaper (it made sense at the time…).  The bubbly, clear sheets didn’t catch on, but it had other practical uses. It was used in the packaging of IBM’s 1401 supercomputer (…that’s a lot of bubble wrap.)

Fielding and Chavannes, the intrepid wallpaper designers turned-celebrated engineers, were inducted into the New Jersey Inventors Hall of Fame in 1993. An honor they truly deserved, in my opinion- Bubble Wrap is probably second best thing to ever come out of New Jersey (the first being Bruce Springsteen).

51 years later, Bubble Wrap is loved not only as a packaging material, but also as a stress reliever, noisemaker, and a makeshift preemie incubator (WOAH). Spirit 95, a Christian radio station in Bloomington, Indiana, started BWAD in 2001 with its first annual Bubblympiad, featuring popping relays, Pop-a-Mole, and design contests. The Appreciation Day caught on and is now celebrated all over the world.

Fielding and Chavannes’ Bubble Wrap company now hosts THE BEST WEBSITE EVER dedicated to Bubble Wrap Fun- games, 1001 Fun Uses, and photos of user-submitted Bubble Wrap dresses, alarm systems, fruit-pickers, and more.

Play a few rounds of a seriously addicting game, and if you still have free time, I double dare you to replicate THIS-

A British insurance company Bubble-Wrapped the most accident-prone street in the UK.

(a future HUNT challenge, maybe?)