Egypt Unrest Update: Official Statement

The Middlebury Community received an email from Michael Geisler, the Vice President for Middlebury’s Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and Graduate Program at 11:30 am today. Geisler stressed the safety of all 22 students at the C.V. Starr School in the Middle East, but also acknowledged the volatile nature of the situation. Middlebury intends to evacuate all students from the region as soon as possible. We will continue to provide updates as soon as they are made available.

Below is his message:

To the Middlebury College Community:

As I am sure you all know by now, the political situation in Egypt is currently very unstable, with mass riots in Cairo, Suez, and various other cities, including Alexandria, where we have 22 students, 5 from Middlebury and 17 from other institutions.

Our students are not in any immediate danger.
All 22 have been contacted, are accounted for and have been told to stay in their dorms or apartments until further notice. Although internet and cell phone service in Egypt is limited, we have been able to communicate with Alexandria via landline connections.

Staff in the Office of International Programs has been in contact with all the students’ parents as well as study abroad offices at the other colleges and universities (for the non-Middlebury participants in the program), sharing whatever information we have on the students’ status.

We are now working to evacuate the students at the earliest opportunity, and communicating with colleagues at home and abroad to identity the best possible route.

From what we have learned, Americans in Alexandria are currently not in danger since the demonstrations have focused on the police.  As long as our students stay in their rooms, they should continue to be safe. That said, the political situation in Egypt is obviously in flux, and so we hope to move the students as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated as this situation evolves and as we get more information.
Michael Geisler
Vice President for Language Schools,
Schools Abroad, and Graduate Programs