Sunday Reading: Vermont may be infertile, but at least we’re healthy?

Now that J-term is officially over, it’s time to get down to business!  Just kidding, it’s Feb break.  Hope everyone has a good week, here’s some stories to mull over as you sit in your roommate’s house in Boston, build a house, go dog-sledding, or clean up the beaches of Pensacola.

EGYPT:  To keep an eye on the Egyptian protests, check out updates here.

SENATE: Thursday, the Senate voted to abolish secret holds, a procedure where one senator could anonymously block nominations and legislation.  While filibuster reform was shot down, this reform, along with several smaller rule changes have the potential to at least slightly ease legislative gridlock.

CHICAGO: Despite the appellate court decision that stated that Rahm Emanuel can not run for mayor of Chicago due to his lack of residency within the state for the past year, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Thursday that Emanuel can run as a candidate for mayor in next month’s Chicago elections.

STATES:  What is your state best at?  This fascinating map is a visual rebuttal to the United States of Shame, a map depicting each state’s worst attributes.

UGANDA: David Kato, a Ugandan gay rights advocate has been beaten to death after a long history of anti-gay sentiment in the country.  Not long before, Uganda’s Rolling Stone newspaper published the photographs of several people it said were gay, including Kato, with the headline ‘Hang Them.’

ENTERTAINMENT: George Clooney contracted malaria in Sudan after visiting to promote peace in the war-torn country during the south’s recent referendum to secede and create two countries.  He’s fine now.

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