J-Term Photo Contest!

Amidst coverage of the Middlebury program in Egypt, events on campus and the like, MiddBlog’s J-Term photography contest info got a little buried. Here’s a second invitation to enter:

This is a shout-out to avid photographers and amateur shutterbugs alike. We know you’re out there. We’ve seen your Flickr Photostreams, your paparazzo photoshoots, your Facebook albums. Now is your chance to submit your favorite shot to MiddBlog’s J-Term Photo Contest!

We invite all of you to submit your best J-Term/Feb Break photos to photos@midd-blog.com. Whether they’re sunset shots from BiHall, candids from Feb Graduation, photos from a MAlt Trip or Study Abroad, we’d love to see ’em all.

Send send photos (along with a short caption) to photos@midd-blog.com.

Once we’ve received some submissions, we’ll post our favorite. What’s in it for you? Instant fame! Glory! Honor! The respect and admiration of all your peers! We look forward to seeing your photos.